Mrs. Steinbrenner in the Shoe Store

50's walking shoesAs far back as I can remember a pregnant woman was a priority but this wasn’t so one brisk Autumn afternoon in 1955.

There I was, in full bloom, an expectant mother entering the local shoe store.

Arthur’s Shoe Tree, was and is, a highly respected establishment in our home town of Bay Village, Ohio.

When I crossed the threshold and entered the shop Arthur greeted me as usual. Then he ushered me to a soft leather chair and immediately asked what type of shoe I had in mind. Considering my delicate condition I replied, “I’d like a pair of comfortable walking shoes.”

He smiled a gracious smile, and said, “Your wish is my command,” but before he could get up from measuring my feet the bell above the front door started chiming and a young woman rushed into the store. Trust me, all eyes were upon her!

At the time there were several customers in the shop. Some were browsing while a smooth talking salesman was charming the others still everyone turned to see who was in such a big hurry.

After the woman got her bearings she looked directly at Arthur and spoke, “I need to be waited on now! George is in the car. You know how he hates to be kept waiting.”

As soon as I heard her mention George I knew she must be Joan Steinbrenner. What other George could it be?

In a split second Arthur was attending George’s poor wife. As for me, the abandoned pregnant lady, I sat in the soft leather chair and observed the fascinating scene unfolding before me.

It wasn’t long until a pleased Mrs. Steinbrenner left the shop with a box under her arm and an apologetic Arthur was back taking care of me.

At this point I should tell the reader what I learned from my, out the blue experience in the shoe store, but I prefer not to.

That day as I strolled out of Arthur’s wearing my new walking shoes I realized it was still a brisk Autumn afternoon and, indeed, all was right with my world.

In January I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Oh yes, all was right with my world.

Mary Jane Schriner
© All Rights Reserved


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