Miss Rheingold 1952, and the Crown goes to…

The phone rang at midnight and when I answered it I heard George’s voice telling me, “I just took Miss Rheingold home and I’m back at the William’s Club.”

At that time I had no idea who Miss Rheingold was but recently Bill Gutman, a well-known author and good friend, explained that, back in the day, Rheingold Beer ran a yearly contest in New York to choose the most beautiful contestant. Some of the finalist were Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedren and Hope Lange.

George said his date was with the 1952 winner Anne Hogan and then he went on to say, “Elster, you ruined me. I use to be fun – lots of noise – right in the center of the old party. Now, look at me.”

My response should have been, “That’s okay George why don’t you relax with a nice mug of Rheingold Beer.”

Mary Jane Schriner
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  1. Thinking about high school at Bishop’s in Brooklyn, I recalled Anne Hogan and her quest for the title of Miss Rheingold. Wondered what happened to her. I too have 6 children. Now live in N.J. after many years abroad in Rio, then Brussels. Let me know, Anne, how you are doing after all these years.

    • Anne’s my mother in law and she is doing great with 6 kids and 16 grandkids!

      • Would appreciate it to be able to contact Anne. We were in te same class together at Holy Innocents. Bill Delaney (another classmate) and I both live in Virginia now, both married, retired. Have some news on former male classmates, but nothing on female classmates, presumably because of marriage names.

  2. Anne said she’s always been a die-hard Dodger fan 🙂

  3. I would love to connect with Anne also as I was the last elected Miss Rheingold in 1964. I am working on a book proposal to historically cover the whole 25 years of the election beginning 1940 up to my year 1964. It would be wonderful to chat with Anne. I also have a Facebook Miss Rheingold page as well as my personal page.

  4. My mother said I was named after Miss Rheingold 1953 Adrienne Garrett from the orange brewery. I am reading she was 1954. I was born in 1953

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